Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

+387 33 563-000

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Digital Innovation

Leverage emerging technology to drive innovation.

QSS has vast experience implementing one of the most significant projects in Southeastern Europe: Security, BI/DWH, Network, Virtualization, Enterprise infrastructure solutions.


We help our Clients to Innovate & Influence with the best-of-breed technology.

We employ our hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies to help our customers get the most modern tech capabilities and stay ahead of the competition by employing a proven combination of the latest and classic trusted technologies.

Advanced technology solutions

We continuously review and improve our offerings to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your digital transformation. We hold partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and other tech leaders to keep pace with the technological advancements.

Machine Learning

QSS team helps you implement ML-based software and supporting the existing ML initiatives. We help you embrace powerful machine learning capabilities to put an end to flawed predictions, impaired business processes, or customer churn.

Business Analytics

QSS applies data science in its different forms - from statistics to machine learning to meet the analytics needs of our clients for the search of business insights.

future and artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We develop software with AI capabilities to help you automate your business processes, personalize service delivery and drive business-specific insights.

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Business Intelligence

With our Business intelligence (BI) solutions, you can retrieve, process, analyze and report data for making effective business decisions. We integrate multiple data sources, AI-driven data preparation and analysis, controlled data access, scheduled & ad-hoc reporting, and interactive visualization with BI.

Big Data

We offer a full range of big data services, including consulting, implementation, support, and big data as a service to help you benefit from the big data environment.

Internet of Things

We provide strategic consulting, development, data analytics, and application management. Whether you plan to launch a new IoT initiative or upscale an existing IoT application, we will support you with a relevant service.

Why work with us?

We have an experienced team of software developers and technical architects skilled in traditional and agile delivery models for classic customer-server and new cloud environments. We understand and work across all the layers of a well-designed, modular, and standards-based application stack. 

Thought leadership and technology innovation.

Higher levels of technology adoption.


Deep knowledge of the full Application Development lifecycle.

Collaboration to define and reuse best practice and design patterns.

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