Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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Gain real-time, actionable data that can assist you in assessing risks, reducing costs, and making better business decisions.


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We ensure a highly scalable, flexible, and agile cloud data-storage solution, ensuring that your data is there for you when you need it.

Data Lakes is a highly scalable, flexible, and agile cloud storage solution that ensures your data is there for you when you need it.
The volume, speed, and diversity of data produced today will continue to grow exponentially over time. You do not know what awaits you, so do not be locked in the decisions you are making now. Data Lakes in the Cloud Service can ensure that your data is there for you at all times to make optimal business decisions from structurally and spatially diverse data sources.
With the proper planning, design, and management, Data Lakes in the Cloud can process data in any format on a five-byte scale. With its technical and expert knowledge, QSS will enable you to successfully implement and maintain your Data easy solution and create a modern data warehouse in a secure cloud environment.

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Gain important insights that will assist you in identifying opportunities and reducing costs without having to manage and evaluate the torrent of data generated by your organization.

Your data has the power to help you improve your user experience make smarter decisions so you can work more efficiently. However, managing and interpreting the large amount of data generated by your business can completely deplete your resources.
Our BI solution gives you the ability to analyze customer behavior, market trends, and business activities to gain valuable insights from your data. Business intelligence as a service can help you assess risk, reduce costs, and make better business decisions.
We simplify your analytics so you can get the most out of your data by managing leading platforms - including Microsoft®, Oracle®, and SAP® - for behavioral analysis and insight detection. All of our services are supported by 24x7x365 support, so you can be sure to keep your back at every turn.

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You can cut expenses, boost flexibility, and get valuable insights more quickly with cloud-based data warehouses.

Modernize your expanding data repositories by incorporating a Cloud structure designed to clean and prepare your data for analysis - allowing you to discover deeper insights that propel your organization ahead.

The combination of Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lake in the Cloud enables highly advanced data analytics that can help your company position itself for the future.
We can assist you in finding new information that will help you make strategic, tactical, and operational decisions by using our experience and skills.

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With the help of our experienced team of Big Data professionals, you can swiftly gain vital business insights from your data.

QSS provides you with the experience and expertise for faster real-time insight that can be applied to large amounts of data on the go. We help you design, implement, manage and continuously optimize a flexible, agile, and scalable Big Data solution.
QSS has the experience and skills to speed the delivery of real-time, actionable insights from large-scale data events in motion. We assist you in the design, deployment, management, and ongoing optimization of a flexible, agile, and scalable big data platform solution.

Our data scientists, architects, and engineers understand what you're up against and have assisted worldwide corporations across industries. Our team starts with a distributed deployment architecture that covers a wide range of use cases to ensure flexibility, scalability, and lifespan. We then back it up with industry-leading data processing and streaming technologies, resulting in autonomy and flexibility.

Other Products

Digital transformation

QSS regularly introduces new processes, services, and products to affect positive change in our business, improving our existing methods, creating new value, and boosting growth and productivity.

QSS Cloud infrastructure

We offer a broad spectrum of services that can be hosted in our Cloud, user’s infrastructure or Hybrid Cloud. Such an end-to-end solution can meet all demands of different users. 

Trusted global partnerships

Our leading position was secured through strong, long-term partnerships with some of the global leaders. QSS is a partner with leading IT companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, RedHat, Oracle, VMware, FalconStor, Symantec, Check Point, and many more. 

Quality and regulation

Our security mechanisms are based on recognized norms and the highest standards: ISO 27001 and ISO 27017. Security clearance according to EU/NATO standards

Regulation compliance

We operate on the basis of BiH and European law and ensure full regulatory compliance. Respecting fully GDPR and other privacy data regulations.

Ostale Data usluge

Upravljanje podacima

Cloud Storage usluga uz pomoć cloud tehnologije omogućava korisniku pohranu podataka na resursima QSS-a. Podaci se spremaju u Data centrima QSS-a u skladu sa IT standardnima, kojima se lako pristupa i upravlja velikom brzinom. Visoko kapacitivni storage za velike količine podataka dostupan je putem QSS Cloud storage servisa, kojeg karakteriše ekonomičnost, visoka dostupnost i ukupna veličina pohrane podataka, koja se
može skalirati u zavisnosti od stvarnih potreba korisnika.

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