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Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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System Integration & Implementation

System Integration & Implementation.

QSS has vast experience implementing one of the most significant projects in Southeastern Europe: Security, BI/DWH, Network, Virtualization, Enterprise infrastructure solutions.


Designing a solution is one thing; delivering and setting it up is another.

QSS offers its clients' system integration services that streamline applications and optimize enterprise-wide resources. Our integration services include consulting, a mature governance framework, and system integration. That is why every project we are involved in follows a methodology to achieve maximum return on your investment.


We adapt to the most challenging customer and on-site requirements.

With unique needs, ever-rising competitiveness, and technological advancements, companies need to adopt diversified applications built on different platforms offered by various vendors. Multiple IT systems, applications, and business processes create complexities and lower efficiency, and reduced productivity. Our System Integrators work in tandem with our Business Analysts to bring business and technology to align on a standard set of services that need to be available for your business to operate.


We collaborate with your team to ensure solutions ease seamlessly into your business operations and providing long-term maintenance support.

Any Environment

Our implementation specialists can install and integrate solutions into any business environment, with minimal disruption to everyday activities.

Project managers

QSS project managers control and steer your information management projects up to successful handover.

Latest methodologies

Our specialists structure their work with the latest methodologies and are adaptable to your own ways of working.

Our Solution



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Enterprise infrastructure

Project Delivery method

At QSS, we deliver software integration services, focusing on creating new business values, and improving your IT infrastructure. We analyze your business models and IT infrastructure to provide the most effective solution.


Each project starts with a comprehensive analysis that serves as a basis for further solution design and architecture, time and cost estimations. Our IT integration services aim to identify the project's business challenges; based on findings; we offer the respective technology solution.


We deliver custom software development and implementation services for integration purposes. Based on functional and non-functional requirements, our experts will create software requirements specifications and confirm them with you.


After the analysis stage, you get comprehensive documentation with detailed recommendations and offered solutions. We build the report to increase your agility, reduce your IT maintenance costs, and improve your data quality.


We provide IT infrastructure modernization services as part of system integration or legacy application modernization services. Our experts will explore your current IT landscape to prepare it for a smooth integration process.

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We can execute even the most unpredictable ideas!


Why work with us?

QSS system integration services help transform companies into efficient and agile businesses. The benefits that our clients get from our vendor-neutral system integration services include:

Smooth and hassle-free deployment and implementation of various applications and systems.

Real time access to information leading to quicker decision making.


Resource optimization across the organization ensuring better efficiency and increased productivity.

Maximized returns for the technology investments already made.

We Partner with the World's Most Respected Companies


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