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Explore QSS Storage and Backup services.

Store all of your content, applications, backup, and more on efficient and cost-cutting QSS Storage.

By safeguarding business-critical data, you can protect your company and reduce downtime when things don't go as planned.


A multipurpose program that will perfectly suit online stores and online retail businesses. You can add up to 2000 items with a detailed description, characteristics, and photos. Also, the shopping cart, clients’ feedback, rating, and related items option are available.


Deliver scalable, affordable, and high-performance storage solutions. QSS’s Cloud Storage Solutions offer quick to store and retrieve the vast amount of data capabilities with 99.99% SLAs. 

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Storage & Backup services

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Expand your storage capacity in line with your company's requirements. Choose  the most appropriate QSS cloud storage solution based on its reliability, performance, performance and predictable price. 

QSS Cloud Storage provides sophistication, reliability, and security to the remote storage of data, applications, and services. With this new Cloud service, our clients are able to store complex aspects of their virtual and physical infrastructure, like backup or application and data content replication, with maximized security obtained through a high level of encryption and minimized flexible cost. The S3 compatible Cloud storage enables the client to maintain their wished span of control while delegating the rest into the hands of professionals. Because of the high level of compatibility and interoperability which comes with the implementation of such Cloud storage, the client is not obliged to give up on their preferred or already implemented backup applications but can store those virtually to the QSS Cloud Storage.

Why Choose QSS Cloud Storage Service?

    Compatibility with the best-established backup software like Veritas, Veeam or IBM backup software
    Compatibility with free and open-source backup software
    Flexibility in transformation and transfer of data and applications into the Cloud
    Maximum security enabled through sophisticated encryption
    Lower costs
    Local data centers with ISO-9001:2015 and ISO-27001:2013 German certificates for Security and 
    Quality maintenance obtained from TÜV-Nord
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Backup as a Service 

QSS provides Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) service through Veritas NetBackup 8.0 – the leading corporate security platform, trusted by 86% of companies from the “Global Fortune 500” list.
What does the service include?
QSS Backup-as-a-Service includes backup space with a data retention period of 7 days and access to user's self-service portal.
How does it work?
During the so-called “backup” – the process of creating a security copy of the data, the client sends data to the server, which creates a so-called “image” file, according to the predefined rules. At any time, the client can create a so-called “restore”, or in other words – access the backup and choose the files he/she wants to get back.
High performance, intelligent automatization, and centralized management through a simple interface make this solution adaptable to the needs of all types of companies. From “flash” devices to disks drives and tapes, Backup can be integrated into every part of your “technology stack” and control all of these sources from a single, centralized interface.
We offer you a worldwide solution for your current and future challenges to encourage you to accept greater risks and develop your business faster, knowing that your data is safe with us. Combining expert performance with intelligent management policy, along with QSS’s BaaS solution, even the most demanding clients will meet their target SLAs. In this way, we enable you to accelerate your digital transformation process through an existing investment and establish a reliable foundation for your future.

The service includes:

    Professional licenses
    Backup space
    User self-service portal
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Flexible and reliable cloud backup and recovery solutions for your IT infrastructure.

QSS Backup to Cloud is a powerful, flexible, and secure solution for cloud data backup, which successfully protects the data from two million enterprise customers worldwide.
What does this service include?
QSS Backup to Cloud represents managed backup service that includes complete management of the user's backup. In other words, after creating an initial backup of your data, our engineers will make sure that your backup is working flawlessly.
How does it work?
Backup to Cloud provides fast and reliable protection of data and systems on all levels, as well as the ability to restore anything from your system – including virtual machines, servers, databases, files, and applications.
With faster "backup & recovery" than ever before, you will be able to solve more problems more simply, make time and money savings, improve your performances, efficiency, and organizational productivity. Reduce storage costs, secure confidential data, and redirect your focus on realizing your business goals.
With reduced backup "windows," flexible de-duplication helps you keep pace with the growing number and size of the data and save up to 90% of the hard drive space necessary for the data backup. For even greater efficiency and enhanced space-saving, QSS's solution tracks and copies only the data "blocks" that have changed instead of copying the complete content.
Deep integration with Microsoft and VMware platforms enables reliable and consistent security copies of all virtual machines, and agile "recovery" with the ability to recover data at any level from anywhere, almost instantly.
One-time software setup is charged additionally, depending on the user's environment in which software is installed.

The service includes:

    Professional licenses
    Space to back up your data
    Software installation
    Management of your backups
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Protect your Clients from any Disaster

Disasters Happen! Whether physical, hybrid, or fully cloud-based, QSS’s proven DRaaS & Business Continuity provides a tailor-made, proven, optimal protection in the cloud that ensures your business is up and running 24/7 with minimal RTO/RPO times.
Disaster recovery is no longer nice to have, it's often mandated by regulators. An effective disaster recovery plan is invaluable in the event of a disaster, and the costs incurred in using this service do not represent a significant burden on the company’s overall budget.With other solutions it is possible to recover only parts of the system, e.g. documents, folders, etc., while QSS DraaS offers full post-crash functionality, which includes used applications, all online - via QSS Cloud.

We meet your RTOs and RPOs Business Needs:

    Meeting Your DR Challenges
    With QSS’s comprehensive DRP solutions you can rest assure your clients will receive fast, affordable, custom backup and data recovery solution for their business.
    Fast Recovery

    Our automated and reliable backup and replication services provide low recovery time objectives (RTOs), ensuring client data retrieval works when you need it, and with minimum downtime.
    Flexible & Affordable

    Pay for what you use – no hardware spending. We keep your data in sync using lightweight compute and storage with intelligent data management, significantly reducing TCO.
    High Security & Compliance

    Help customers avoid fines for missing compliance deadlines with fast retrieval of files. Our high-performing platform provides secure and durable cloud disaster recovery in compliance with the industry standards. We follow the highest security standards and are ISO 27001 compliant.

Other services we offer

Discover a collaboration that can help you achieve more today and in the future for your employees, your business, and your consumers.


Build and release quicker with cloud-based scalable compute products.


Helps businesses limit their vulnerability to data theft and manipulation


Give your business instant credibility and put you in the same online marketplace as your largest competitors.


Enable more efficient communication and collaboration between your teams through our collaboration applications.


QSS Certified Cloud security professionals assist you in securing your environments across all hyper-scale public and private clouds.


We help you to elevate your data, security, and application services.

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