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Powerful cloud security services

QSS Certified Cloud security professionals assist you in securing your environments across all hyper-scale public and private clouds, allowing you to conduct your business more efficiently and confidently.

Security services

The cyber threat landscape is continually evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and most businesses lack the cyber security tools and capacity to keep security measures up to date in-house. Because it is now easier than ever for hackers to attack, companies face increased risk and higher levels of uncertainty. As a result, breaches and successful attacks can cost businesses millions of dollars, not to mention the damage to your brand's reputation.

Use Cases

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Your comprehensive protection against advanced email threats.

QSS Cloud Email Security is a cloud-based e-mail filtering solution that will protect your business and your users from spam, viruses, and other malicious software. The service is based on redirecting your incoming e-mail traffic to the QSS Cloud e-mail security system, filtering e-mails, and delivering clean e-mail messages to your e-mail system.
Simply, by changing your MX records in DNS on QSS SMTP filters, messages from the Internet which are directed to you, will be filtered and then delivered onto your e-mail system. In case your e-mail is unavailable, the QSS SMTP filtering system will collect e-mail messages (the local queue), and deliver these messages once your e-mail system becomes available (status of your e-mail system is checked every thirty minutes, whilst accumulation of e-mails in a local queue is for two days).

Why QSS Email Security?

    Enterprise reliability and quality
    Lower costs
    Local data center
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Your comprehensive protection against cybercrime!

QSS has created a new cloud infrastructure and business platform that brings you more security, much greater value, and better availability of essential technological solutions for organizations by an experienced provider of IT resources and solutions.

Benefits of our Endpoint protection security:

    Vulnerability AssessmentThere is no better weapon against cybercrime than awareness. Just as antivirus programs protect your personal computer, vulnerability assessment is one of the many cyber security risk assessment tools that warn you of potential problems before they occur.
    ReportingAfter a comprehensive insight into the state of cyber exposure of your resources, we send you a detailed security status report based on a risk assessment.
    Only one AgentRemotely install a single agent for cyber protection, backup, remote management and patching. Eliminate complex workflows with a single management interface and a single license to avoid the risks associated with non-integrated solutions.
    Malware Threats SecurityProvide real-time security and stop all cyberattacks, including those never seen before, thanks to AI-enhanced behavior heuristics, static analyzer, and behavior analysis mechanism.
    Remote work protectionProvide employees with remote work with greater productivity and protection via VPN, remote wipe,
    secure file sync and share, and protection for all your remote work tools like Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams.
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The SSL certificate guarantees secure and encrypted communication between the website and visitors.

The SSL certificate guarantees all users that their data is protected and that they can use their Web site without any worries.In partnership with global leaders in this industry, QSS offers basic and thus more advanced SSL certificates from the following companies: Digicert, GeoTrust, GoDaddy, Symantec, and Thawte.
Secure your online business and communication, and provide users with a secure experience using your site. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate guarantees secure and encrypted communication between your website and visitors to your website. The SSL certificate guarantees all users that their data is protected and that they can use your website without any worries. You are obliged to protect all sensitive user data (email addresses, personal data, passwords, card numbers), use an SSL certificate, and not allow your users' data to end up in someone else's hands.
SSL certification is increasingly present on all sites. Online stores, portals that contain sensitive user information, and all other portals that contain user information should encrypt and ensure the flow of this information with an SSL certificate. As web search engines (such as Google) have begun to favor websites that use the HTTPS protocol, there is a need for all websites to be SSL-certified in order to take up adequate space when searching. Users are aware of the benefits of the HTTPS protocol and therefore require websites to use the same.

Why SSL Certificates?

    Data security
    Provide encrypted communication for your online business and transactions.
    Customer trustIncrease the trust of your website visitors and provide a safe experience for your users.
    Web search engines
    Websites that use the secure HTTPS protocol have an advantage when displayed on web search engines (such as Google).

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Our Cloud solution eliminates the complexity of work, improves employee productivity and enables secure business by offering state-of-the-art protection for your data and applications.


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