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Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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We help you to elevate your data, security, and application services.

QSS' professional services are designed to provide you with the highest quality. We've got what it takes to help you meet your goals, whether you require managed IT services like remote server maintenance, assistance with cloud migration, or want to entirely reinvent your business for the future.


 Our professionals provide cloud solutions that propel your company ahead. We help you update your applications and data, build in top security solutions, and deploy everything on the correct cloud infrastructure for optimum effectiveness using cloud-native methodologies based on leading DevOps practices. We've put together a professional services team that can help you with leading applications, data architectures and technologies, and security best practices - and this is true across all major cloud platforms. We make it our business to stay on top of fast-changing cloud technology so you don't have to.

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Increase agility and flexibility with cloud migration

Selecting the ideal cloud solution and managing your cloud migration are difficult tasks. In order to help you avoid frequent errors and improve your return on investment, QSS will work with you to offer the knowledge you require.To get started, your IT environment and business goals are thoroughly examined by our qualified cloud migration consultants. To achieve those goals, we next create a personalized cloud migration plan. We'll take care of the workload and application migration so you can cut down on business risk, disruption, and downtime. Following a successful transfer, our experts may be able to provide you with continuing administration and optimization services.

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Providing advanced technologies as a service through objective, goal-oriented application services based on cloud-native experience.

Business must swiftly implement and incorporate new technology if they want to create fundamental business transformation. However, out-of-date IT, isolated proprietary apps, outdated procedures, and resource-intensive operations can slow your path of change. A comprehensive approach to application modernization, including people and skill sets, processes, cloud models, application rationalization and migration, and IT operating models, is necessary for businesses to be prepared for and able to take advantage of the digital economy. 
Technology alone is not enough to modernize an application. It calls for a comprehensive strategy that considers business objectives, investigates the present IT infrastructure, evaluates the gaps, and creates a unique, process-led plan. Wherever you are in your change process, let the our team be your guide.

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Comprehensive solutions that give the skills and insights required to optimize cloud workloads for cost and performance.

Businesses are always under pressure to accomplish more with less at this period of unprecedented change, and IT executives are now expected to take use of the cloud's performance advantages to forge significant competitive advantages and spur innovation while working with ever-dwindling resources.To optimize the value of cloud investments, ensure that cloud workloads are functioning at top performance. Businesses want solutions that provide the cloud knowledge required to design, develop, and maintain high-performing, cost-effective infrastructure that allows deep insight into cloud usage for future optimization.QSS will review your present environment, make best practice advice on areas to optimize, build and execute your cloud solution, and provide continual optimization so you can remain ahead of the curve.

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Protect your IT infrastructures with sophisticated cloud security solutions and support.

The security landscape is ever-evolving due to the ongoing growth of threats and the competition for more advanced tools to counter them. Although constant progress is the aim, these considerations make it difficult to keep both a cutting-edge security posture and a high level of knowledge. Many IT teams struggle with being stuck in a never-ending loop of "reactive mode," which affects their capacity to think strategically and proactively.It is more important than ever to recognize your risks and put together the correct solutions to enhance and protect your surroundings. QSS  security professionals can assist you in detecting and responding to attacks, meeting regulatory requirements, and minimizing damage and disruption caused by breaches. We may work with your team as an extension to offer specialized, round-the-clock assistance for your security requirements, allowing you to continue operating your company with confidence.

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Create a smart data architecture to modernize your data.

With an integrated data architecture and AI, you can make predictive, data-driven choices with updated data platforms that expedite innovation and enhance ROI.QSS data modernization teams create and construct data architectures at scale using strong technical and business process experience, allowing you to accelerate innovation and achieve value quicker.We'll help you leverage the potential of data modernization with a modernized data platform to boost company success, efficiency, and customer engagement while reducing implementation time and cost.

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Other services we offer

Discover a collaboration that can help you achieve more today and in the future for your employees, your business, and your consumers.


Helps businesses limit their vulnerability to data theft and manipulation


Having data backups will save you time and money, give you a competitive edge and guarantee business continuity.


Give your business instant credibility and put you in the same online marketplace as your largest competitors.


Enable more efficient communication and collaboration between your teams through our collaboration applications.


QSS Certified Cloud security professionals assist you in securing your environments across all hyper-scale public and private clouds.


Build and release quicker with cloud-based scalable compute products. 

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