Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

+387 33 563-000


QSS Endpoint Protection

Your comprehensive protection against cybercrime! On-premises security and compliance services. Protect your business from Cybercrime with our secure QSS Endpoint Protection solution.


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Cyber ​​security rating

There is no better weapon against cybercrime than awareness. Just as antivirus programs protect your personal computer, vulnerability assessment is one of the many cyber security risk assessment tools that warn you of potential problems before they occur.

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A comprehensive report on the current situation security

After a comprehensive insight into the state of cyber exposure of your resources, we send you a detailed security status report based on a risk assessment.

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One agent, less complexity

Remotely install a single agent for cyber protection, backup, remote management and patching. Eliminate complex workflows with a single management interface and a single license to avoid the risks associated with non-integrated solutions.

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Zero-day malware and ransomware protection.

Provide real-time security and stop all cyberattacks, including those never seen before, thanks to AI-enhanced behavior heuristics, static analyzer, and behavior analysis mechanism.

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Remote work protection.

Provide employees with remote work with greater productivity and protection via VPN, remote wipe,secure file sync and share, and protection for all your remote work tools like Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams.

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Continuous protection and backup.

Continuous protection of critical, frequently used data instantly saves all changes made to critical files, even between backups, for almost zero RPO.

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Why innovate with us?

Digital transformation

QSS regularly introduces new processes, services, and products to affect positive change in our business, improving our existing methods, creating new value, and boosting growth and productivity.

QSS Cloud infrastructure

We offer a broad spectrum of services that can be hosted in our Cloud, user’s infrastructure or Hybrid Cloud. Such an end-to-end solution can meet all demands of different users. 

Trusted global partnerships

Our leading position was secured through strong, long-term partnerships with some of the global leaders. QSS is a partner with leading IT companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, RedHat, Oracle, VMware, FalconStor, Symantec, Check Point, and many more. 

Quality and regulation

Our security mechanisms are based on recognized norms and the highest standards: ISO 27001 and ISO 27017. Security clearance according to EU/NATO standards

Regulation compliance

We operate on the basis of BiH and European law and ensure full regulatory compliance. Respecting fully GDPR and other privacy data regulations.

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