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Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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Make the most of your unstructured data by gaining important insights

We assist you in utilizing unstructured data to uncover insights that may lead to greater revenue, enhanced client experiences, and company success.

Unstructured Data

Unstructured data provides an amazing chance to get insight into your organization, customers, and value chain, perhaps leading to increased commercial success. You'll need the right data management and unstructured data analytics technologies, skills, and IT procedures to organize, analyze, search, and analyze your unstructured data.
QSS offers an unbiased multi-cloud data management expertise to assist you in maximizing the value of your unstructured data and clouds. We assist you in utilizing new insights to create new revenue streams, give a better user experience, and improve business execution and agility by storing your unstructured data in the appropriate data lake and using the appropriate analytics tools - all while safeguarding your data.

Use cases

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Data lakes

Organize your unstructured data to make the most of it. Collect data from several sources and make it easily available, while also improving the company's discovery, unstructured data analytics, and reporting capabilities.
Data from non-relational sources such as social media, video, photos, text files, text messages, satellite imagery, surveillance data, data generated by sensors and other IoT devices, log data, and scientific data are all acceptable.

You may develop significant business insights by using artificial intelligence processing, analytics tools, business rules engines, and intelligent event processing.

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Sentiment analysis

Gain fresh insights into your consumers' perceptions of your organization, goods, and services.Discover the outcomes of marketing initiatives, as well as real-time sentiment about your organization, personnel, goods, or services, and detect online possibilities and dangers.Beyond simple search, which just gives basic information like how often posters cited the firm name following an announcement, gets thorough contextual and tone analysis.Understand the consumer experiences you provide from their perspective.

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Non-compliance and fraud detection

Resist non-compliance and fraud by immediate and aggressive measures.
Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect fraud and noncompliance in mobile phones, insurance claims, tax return claims, credit card transactions, government procurement, and other sectors.
Test, discover, validate, and repair defects effectively, as well as monitor control systems for fraud and non-compliance-causing behaviors.
To evaluate unstructured and structured data, employ techniques such as data lakes, data mining, data matching, regression analysis, clustering analysis, and gap analysis.

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