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Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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Solutions for upgrading cloud applications.

To improve the application environment and boost productivity, agility, and scalability, we work with you throughout the whole application modernization process.

Our skilled team is here to help you successfully upgrade your existing application.

Harness the power of new IT solutions to transform your application into a more agile, efficient and attractive platform for your customers.The transition from on-premise to cloud infrastructure is becoming imperative for all businesses that want a faster and more reliable way to improve their applications and services. Our modernization experts will help you reduce unnecessary operating costs and free up more time for cost-effective strategic initiatives.

Your updated cloud application adds the following features.


The undoubted advantage of cloud technology is simple on-demand scalability, which saves resources and time.

Business agility

Business agility includes quickly and simply identifying the parts of application modernization that have the largest influence on your ROI and prioritizing efforts.

Improved user experience

Concentrate on what is most important - the users of your application. An application on an outdated infrastructure cannot match the one on the cloud from either a user or business angle.

Use cases

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Deploy your application to the public or private cloud.

Analyze and implement the most appropriate strategy for migrating your application to an optimal cloud environment.

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By utilizing server-free containers and technologies in your old applications, you may eliminate costly Windows licensing.

Transfer the program to a new, more cost-effective and efficient business application platform, such as QSS, Microsoft, Google, or Microsoft.

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Refactoring legacy desktop, local, and single-source cloud delivery applications.

Help and support in adapting cloud-native design and environment, for easier maintenance and scaling.

Strengthen your business

Application and Operation Management

Optimize your environment with expert administration, management, and configuration so you can focus on staying ahead of the curve.

Application Security

Protect web applications from data breaches and security threats, strengthen security and performance, and build a better experience for your end-users.

Digital Experience

We'll make sure your apps are fast, secure, and accessible - so you can get the most out of your digital experience.



Maximize your CRM platform so you can better serve your customers and transform your business.


Your ERP solution should work where your business is now - and where it's going.

Microsoft Dynamic 365

Unlock intelligent CRM and ERP applications in the cloud, connected platforms and specialized features that accelerate results.


As part of the QSS Customer Experience modular structure, Malcom consists of front and backend applications, mobile applications, and APIs, allowing merchants easy integration with their existing merchants' infrastructure and other 3rd party software. 

Digital Banking Platform

QSS Open banking platform helps financial organizations accelerate time-to-market today and be ready for tomorrow. It provides the foundation for digital transformation, the capabilities for exceptional omnichannel experiences, and the technology to leverage open banking at its best. 

IoT Platform

The QSS Internet of Things platform can be implemented and used in all industries. With IoT technology, you can discover new sources of revenue and increase agility, while reducing costs. Measure and manage various parameters using the QSS platform, along with QSS custom made applications.

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