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Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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Activate Analytics and Business Intelligence

Gain real-time, actionable data that can assist you in assessing risks, reducing expenses, and making better business decisions.

Analytics and Business Intelligence 

Your data has the power to help you improve your user experience, make smarter decisions, and work more efficiently. However, managing and interpreting the flood of data generated by your business can completely drain your resources.
Our analytics and business insight solution gives you the ability to analyze customer behaviour, market trends and business activities to gain valuable insights from your data. Business intelligence as a service can help you assess risk, reduce costs, and make better business decisions.
We simplify your analytics so you can get the most out of your data. We put a lot of experience to work for you, managing leading platforms - including Microsoft®, Tableau®, Oracle®, SAP® and Informatica® - for behavioural analysis and insight detection. All of our managed services are supported by 24x7x365 support, so you can be sure to keep your back at every turn.

Use cases

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Build data pipelines from all important data sources for data entry, transformation, modelling, storage, and analysis.

With constant access to data and trends, your company can make rapid, educated decisions that help you reach your goals faster. However, traditional analytical procedures are incapable of handling massive volumes of data in an efficient and cost-effective manner. To stay up with developing business goals, you need technologies that make important information more readily available throughout your organization, including support for new machine learning applications. Remove the complexity associated with creating and implementing dependable and scalable analytics and data ecosystem. Gain access to the numerous expertise you require, such as developers, administrators, cloud architects, and data analysts, to assist you in focusing on putting your data to work.

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Advanced analytics and business intelligence give insights from the data via dashboards and reports.

Business intelligence-as-a-service may assist you with risk assessment, cost reduction, and making smarter business decisions. However, organizing and evaluating the flow of data created by your company is a difficult and time-consuming task. To acquire more thorough and up-to-date business insights, leverage our significant expertise in creating and administering analytics systems from Microsoft®, Tableau®, Oracle®, SAP®, and Informatica®.

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Increase the worth of your IoT-generated data.

New data sources, formats, and rates are dramatically expanding thanks to the Internet of Things. This data's integration and analyses into current architecture are complex and complicated. We offer the insights you need to take your organization to new heights by utilizing modern analytics tools and the ability to construct a more extensive data architecture that combines the proper IoT data. It also opens up possibilities for gaining deeper insights into your business.

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