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Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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Create data analytics tools that help you make smarter decisions.

We assist you in using data to make smarter decisions that move your organization forward.

Analytics platforms

With ongoing access to data and trends, your organization can make quick, intelligent decisions that will help you attain your objectives more quickly. However, older analytics methodologies are incapable of efficiently and cost-effectively managing large volumes of data. To keep up with new and expanding business objectives, you need data analytics solutions that make important information available throughout your organization promptly.
Allow our data analysts to help you create and operate a reliable and scalable data analytics platform. We'll provide the necessary skills, such as developers, administrators, and cloud and data analytics architects, so you can focus on transforming raw data into actionable information.


Use cases

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Organize your unstructured data for full benefit.

● Enhance the business's capabilities for finding, data analytics, and reporting by gathering data from many sources and making it simple to search.● Incorporate data from a variety of non-relational sources, such as social media, video, images, text files, text messages, satellite imagery, surveillance data, data generated from sensors and other IoT devices, log data, and scientific data, to provide meaningful business insights.

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Drive successful business intelligence initiatives with properly organized data.

● Obtain raw data from numerous sources and combine it into a single, predictable dataset.● Integrate all of the data you require using the most recent integration architectures, data transformation, and data cleaning techniques.● Identify the logical objects for the data warehouse and design schema tables and views within the warehouse database based on the use case scenarios.

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Maximize insight from your data.

Begin with the business problem, determine what data is required, discover and integrate that data, and then utilize BI technologies to display and analyze that data for proper data visualization.
Data warehouses, dashboards, ad hoc reporting, data discovery tools, and cloud data analytics services are examples of business intelligence technologies that may help you create value from your data and guide your business choices.
Allow your team to analyze data sets and present analytical conclusions in summaries, reports, and visualizations such as dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps to offer decision-makers simple insight into the condition of the business.

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Get control of the massive amounts of data available to your business.

Allow our Big Data professionals to manage and optimize your data analytics, machine learning, AI, and forecasting as an extension of your team.
Utilize a whole data technology stack for real-time streaming data analysis, lightning-fast in-memory cluster computing, security, governance, automation, and orchestration.

We will manage your support services in order to configure, maintain, and improve your solutions as well as the full Big Data ecosystem.

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