Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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Secure Data Centers @ Sarajevo, BiH

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Leverage next-generation data platforms to their full potential.

Using modern cloud technology, you may increase new revenue sources, support sustainable development, and shape the future.

Next-Gen Data Platforms

Most cloud development platforms support cloud deployment for data and analytics. However, obtaining maximum data performance and engagement with your cloud-native apps depends on your database's architecture and placement.
QSS helps you design, create, manage, and operate cloud-native database systems and analytics tools to improve IT and business agility, decrease costs, and improve application and data processing performance in your data analysis. These next-generation data platforms are powered by our data specialists, allowing you to accelerate innovation, fully leverage the flexibility of cloud development platforms, and enable similarly hosted cloud-native apps.


Use cases

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For all of your application needs, you may access a large assortment of specifically designed database and analytics services.

● Create use-case-driven, highly scalable, distributed applications with access to the data they require using the finest database management system for your organization.● Access AWS data platforms designed for mission-critical enterprise workloads, with high availability, reliability, and security. ● AWS big data technologies make it technically and economically feasible to collect and store larger datasets, as well as to conduct data analysis on them, to uncover new and valuable insights.● AWS AI Services deliver intelligence that is ready to use for your apps and workflows. AI Services interface with your applications to handle common use cases such as customized recommendations, contact centre modernization, safety and security enhancements, and increased consumer engagement.● Choosing AWS Lake Formation, you can automate the development and administration of data lakes, reducing the time necessary to establish a successful data lake from months to days. ● You can also quickly gain insights from your data by using the best analytics tools for the task. Because all AWS analytics services accept open file formats such as Apache Parquet, you won't have to transfer or change your data to analyze it.

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Innovate with Azure platform-based data services.

● Build intelligent apps using next-generation data platforms utilizing your team's existing skill sets and resources.● Create once, deploy everywhere – in the cloud, on-premises, and to edge devices — with the assurance of global distribution as needed.● Use an open platform with popular stacks and languages, as well as a full collection of safe data engines and analytics tools, to make an impact with your chosen technologies.● Utilizing Azure data services help create intelligent apps because these services provide analytics and native AI for your data, regardless of where it resides or the language it is written in.● Use a wide collection of cognitive APIs to effortlessly construct new experiences for human-like intelligence into your apps.● Make insights available to all of your teams by integrating analytics solutions with your existing development, business intelligence, and data science tools.

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You can gain control of your data and create insights when you move, manage, and upgrade using Google Cloud's next-generation data platforms.

● Scale your databases with enterprise-grade dependability, scalability, built-in security, and global replication.● Increase productivity by providing a uniform developer and operator experience and seamless AI product connections.● Get serverless, quick, cost-effective unified stream and batch data processing for your analytic data needs.● Without changing your current staff or stretching your budget, integrate analytics from the Google Cloud development platform to speed up how quickly you serve consumers, analyze the market, and manage your business.● Gain corporate agility with a serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective multi-cloud data warehouse powered by Google's unified data analytics platform. ● Apache Beam enables pipeline portability for hybrid or multi-cloud systems.

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